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Signia Pure Charge 'n' Go 7AX

Signia Pure Charge 'n' Go 7AX

Signia Pure Charge 'n' Go 7AX rechargeable hearing aids are the highest premium level of technology available in hearing aids today.  These can be pre-programmed for you and securely shipped to your home or office. Contact seller for details regarding hearing testing (you may provide your own test) and to ask any questions you may have regarding this superior product.

  • Easy Follow-ups

    Once we have your hearing test results, we will prgram these devices for you and you alone, send them to your home or office and wait to hear your feedback. Followups may be conducted via telehealth (reasonable visit charge applies), but often, that isn't even necessary with these wonders!

    Ready to stream your phone calls via Bluetooth to compatible ios and Android phones, allow you to listen to streaming music, books and choose the listening programs you prefer for the environments where you spend your time.

    You will not find a better set of rechargeable hearing aids in today's market. These are the newest Augmented Experience devices.

    Small, comfortable, very discreet and easy to use. You will not want to live without them once you experience better hearing in quiet or in background noise.

    Please feel free to ask all your questions!

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